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Cholera epidemic in Congo begins to decline

Congo’s Department of Health and Social Affairs reported a fall of 9% from the normal number of 35,503 to a low of 27,849 on Aug 1.
The decrease in the number of cases prompted it to recommend that people living in border regions and vulnerable communities stay at home.
“We recommend against all non-essential travel since we assess a possible outbreak impending (…) particularly in border areas,” the WHO’s regional office for North and Central Africa said.
The real figure of 27,849 is much smaller than the WHO’s report on Aug 1, which reported 185,589 confirmed infections.
A spokesman for Congolese Health Minister Oly Ilunga told Reuters the WHO report had not been updated since last week when it also reported a fall in cases in the same department, with the total number of cases now at 48,153.

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New vaccine approach for hepatitis C “C” won “ConsolationIST” award

Hernando A.
The Macedo Lab is based at the University of Oxford and has been working intensively with partners for the last 10 years on viruses with currently known gene ends.
“To our surprise, when we started to draw conclusions about the efficacy and tolerability of this approach, it was the case that was already in use throughout Europe: Avigan or Nipah virus, Cuba virus, Culex virus and Portland virus among others.”
The expert group stresses that it is a Polish or international consortium addition, and that the Macedo Lab would continue to work collaboratively with different grantees and governments.

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