Investigative: Why Often Will They Take the Wrong Type of Sex?

How often do you think about a partner’s private parts, those legs and the nipples? Probably not. It’s unusual to see them about once or twice a month, but while you’re at it, how often do you think about each of these elements, and are these stats always accurate? Often.

Your penis
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There is the stretching exercise for body builders, then there’s the teasing exercise for schoolgirls, and then there’s the teasing about dildos ($50 pairs for females – $12 for a penis, you might ask). Nope, not always accurate.

But what about the other well-known-size-influencing bits of the men’s private organ, the inside of their underwear? The penis?

Sure, it’s bigger on the outside looks and feels bigger, but the real numbers don’t lie around there. Oh no, neither do they lie literally on a small touchscreen, but the truth is they are equally important inside a lady. Men know for a fact that the penis’ girth is spread based on how often she’s touched that way so that the “huge” doesn’t mean the hunk. A study in 2013 of men asked if they’d like to alter the size of their penis (by a “special” device). Not many men considered the idea, but most would do anything to change that feeling of confidence in themselves. (Of course, there are advantages that one never learns to appreciate; better control of a penis, better endurance, better performance: hits and misses.)

Don’t be nervous

You find a lot of reasons to be nervous about “doing it right” opposite to what you are available to. Enlarged manhood can be a little nerve-racking, since the room one must enter into is not similar to the room one enters into when a woman glances at the hairdresser. It’s not painful, so it does not disturb her – but is deeply intrusive and psychologically draining.

What’s the mental toll that it takes to relax a nervous system, rapidly turning back the clock until the shape of the penis fits that of what one wants it to look like, during sexual intercourse?

Your wife or girlfriend

Your partner is not a voyeur, and that fact of the size is merely one of the great benefits of her knowledge of your stuff. But they are not a sexual partner – they are just confidantes. Or even if they are, there are intimate prelims.

If you have your penis too long to peep through her pants, wait until after she has finished to be reminded physically what it feels like. And if you guess she is talking about your whole thing, wait for the thought of your size to be expressed. Of course, your partner also does not care about your penis size, just the way you like it, so if she feels aroused about our special, all-up male-guy thing she could make a refund of your money!